“Only he who can see the invisible can do the impossible.”
- Frank L. Gaines

prcision event planning

Whether you plan on announcing your newest business venture, launching the latest product, or simply increasing your sphere of influence, hosting an event is an effective way to reach your target audience.  In addition to the traditional “party”, PRcision also offers our partners unique opportunities which include salon dinners, panel discussions, and sponsorships.

prcision - harness the power of video

While an event may be an excellent method of branding and creating buzz, its shelf life is limited. At PRcision we pride ourselves on our ability to create value and maximize our client’s exposure in all they do.  Our professional production team is available to create customizable and scripted video content that can live forever on their website, their social media pages, and within the blogsphere.

Consider the following inherent value:

Your company sponsors an event and a week later it’s forgotten about.  The power of video allows the content to continue to brand your company online indefinitely and offers potential clients the ability to see what you’ve done right on your web site.

Are you hosting an upcoming conference, educational, or recruiting event?  Think of the impact video would have on not only the event itself, but also on the potential revenue able to be generated afterwards.  Capture sessions and seminars that can later be accessed in real-time online for a nominal fee.

Develop online viral video campaigns, learn what customers think about your product or service directly from them through man on the street interviews, and even create video for your corporate website that highlights executives or special announcements.

The possibilities are endless with PRcision.

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