Super Bowl $50 Fundraiser


Support The GRACE Foundation by participating in our Super Bowl Fundraiser Pool!  Each entry is a $50 donation. Please select your box number of choice using the options below.  Please note, boxes in red have already been purchased.  We will be picking our numbers LIVE via Facebook, participants will receive an email notification when the drawing is scheduled.  Participants will also receive an email immediately after numbers have been selected. Must be 21 years of age or older to participate.   All proceeds raised will benefit The GRACE Foundation of New York.

This fundraiser will allocate the following points to the winners:
First Quarter: 250 Points
Halftime: 500 Points
Halftime Reverse: 250 Points
Third Quarter: 250 Points
Final: 1000 Points
Final Reverse: 250 Points



Please be patient. We are picking winners!